Our Facilities


Earthwise Bag Company, Inc. is headquartered in Burbank, California.  Our team in Burbank is responsible for sales, customer service, graphic design, logistics, and general administration and work together to provide excellent customer service to our clients.  .

In addition, Earthwise has a fully-staffed China office that provides on-the-ground support and supervision for all overseas production. Our China office is fully equipped with support personnel as well as our own quality control agents who oversee production, including quality and deadlines in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Local Screen Printing

Earthwise offers an extensive domestic production of reusable bags, which are all screen printed in the US. We utilize both conventional screen printing, and rotary screen printing, depending on quantity and bag style.


Earthwise Bag Company has factories in China, Vietnam and Cambodia that are ISO certified and meet demanding safety and environmental standards and are compliant with all other local labor requirements.

These factories are capable of producing millions of bags per month and are overseen by our local production and QC personnel. Their extensive experience and commitment to providing high quality products have allowed Earthwise to supply the nation’s largest retailers with on-time shipments year in and year out.

Our factories have been inspected and approved by many major retailers, and are available for planned customer visits.   All of our product are routinely tested for lead and other heavy metals, and the bags are tested for strength, breakage, and other performance indicators, following local and statewide bag ban requirements.  All test results are retained by Earthwise and are available for review upon written request by customers.  


Earthwise maintains warehouses across the United States, including California, Tennessee, Seattle, Chicago, and New Jersey. All of our warehouses are capable of storing goods, sorting and segregation, palletizing, and container de-vanning. These warehouses are overseen by our logistics department and provide us with the ability to route your orders through a multitude of ports and ship them from these hubs.